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Indulge in the irresistible taste of Taiwanese popcorn chicken, a mouthwatering street food favorite. Our succulent bite-sized chicken pieces are marinated to perfection, coated in a fragrant blend of spices and seasonings, and fried to a crispy golden brown. With a satisfying crunch on the outside and tender juiciness on the inside, this snack is a true culinary delight that will leave your taste buds craving for more.


Origin and History

Originating from the vibrant street food scene of Taiwan, this delightful snack has captured hearts around the world. Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken, also known as "Xiao Ji" or "Crispy Chicken Nuggets", is a beloved comfort food that has its roots in the bustling night markets of Taipei. The combination of unique spices and expert frying techniques gives this dish its signature taste and texture.

Standalone Snack: $5.95

Meal Combo*: $11

*Combo includes both snack and tapioca milk tea

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